Remodelling a Prior Building to Make Our New Aqua English Preschool

At the beginning of January this year, 1-18-7 Tsukama, Matsumoto-shi housed ‘Real Estate’ and ‘Exterior & Garden Design’ centres. The building has since been completely stripped, and renovated with extensions to house our new preschool, Aqua English Preschool (AEP). As we near completion of these renovations we wanted to post some timeline photos that show just how extensive the transformation has been.

At the rear of the building was originally an office and storeroom. This was completely stripped, the rear wall knocked down and the room extended into the adjoining land to make way for our new playroom.

What was originally a staff kitchen was converted to a preschool bathroom complete with toilets, urinals, hand-wash basins, laundry sink, shower and shelved storage space.

Renovations to the estate are ongoing (both inside and out) but will be completed soon. We will keep you updated on our progress and please don’t hesitate to contact us via this site, by direct email ( or by phone (0263-87-7640) to get an information pack or arrange a tour and meeting with the staff. Finally, please check out our new Facebook page (


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