Demonstration Classes (February, 3 and 4)

Aqua English Preschool (AEP, Matsumoto) have had our first two demonstration lessons this week on Friday and Saturday. The lessons were a great success, children and parents alike enjoyed themselves. We have more open lessons coming up on Friday, 17 February at 16:00 and Saturday, 18 February at 10:00. Please contact us to register your interest and reserve a place. Our lessons this week were attended primarily by two- and three-year-old children although we encourage all interested parties to register for our next free demonstration lessons. The lesson’s schedule of this week’s classes was:

  1. Self-introduction


  • Question: “Who’s this?”
  • Answer: “It’s (name).”
  • “I’m (name).”

Song 1. Open Shut Them

i) First, we practiced the ‘opposites’ words with gestures and then we sang the song together with the coordinated movement.


  • Open/ shut
  • Big/ small
  • Please/ no, thank you
  • Fast/ slow
  • Loud/ quiet

  1. Colours

i) The class was read Mikiko Nakamoto’s book “A Beautiful Butterfly” to initially introduce the colours.

ii) Colours were reviewed the colours and then we played a game where children were asked to specific coloured balls from a large set, which were scattered around. When the children picked up the correct colour and said the colour’s name had the chance to try and throw the ball into a box.


  • Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple

  1. Song 2. If Youre Happy and You Know It

i) The introduction and pronunciation of various feelings were practiced together with gestures and then we sang the song together


  • Happy; clap your hands
  • Angry; stomp your feet
  • Scared; say “Oh, no!”
  • Sleepy; take a nap

  1. Numbers

i) The numbers one through five were Introduced first by associating the number’s name with a material representation using triangles and building blocks. Each number of ‘things’ was then designated its numeral.

ii) From a scattering of connectable blocks, the children were asked to join a stipulated number together, then show the teacher and say the number.

iii)    As time permitted, children were asked to collect a specified number of a certain colour of blocks, then again put them together, show the teacher and say what they have (for example: “three, orange blocks”)


  • One, two, three, four, five

At the conclusion of the lesson, the children were given medals and certificates of participation.



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